Tree Topper on a budget...

The first pic is of anthropologie's mystic tree topper. It better be mystical because they want $387 for it. My friend and arbiter of cool stuff and good taste was pining for it, so...I am doing my best to re-create it. The third pic is where I am now...just some silver eggs and silver cording and possibly some more branches and I will be finished. I'll post the final product when Iget to that point. Hope she likes it. Incidentally I think the entire thing will wind up costing me like $12. Yay me. Sorry, anthro. I love you but...


Thanksgiving Silliness

Ok, the first photos are obviously of vintage metal yard chairs. The next one is my best friend and I jib-jabbed into being beer swilling First Thanksgiving Participants. She will probably kill me when she sees it, but it will be worth it! We have a face book page devoted to our antics (The Chrissy and Tara Show) and I popped the pic right on there. If you're on facebook feel free to take a look. As long as you're not offended by any of the following: profanity, double entendres, making fun of serious issues...if you're good with that then stop by for a visit.

The last pic is, of course, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". I had SUCH a good day at work today...did the "Toddler Time" program in the morning and had an awesome group of toddlers and parents. After we read a few books I put on a really fantastic cd to dance to...eesh, I can't remember the proper name of it but it was put out by Pottery Barn. It had "Shout"-which those babies LOVED, "Surfin Safari", "The Name Game", just an eclectic collection of music. The parents liked it because it was definitely not the treacly, weird high-voiced children's type of cd that makes anyone over the age of 2 run screaming from the room. OK, sorry, back to Charlie Brown...during the afternoon program, for older kids (3-8) we read a few stories then put on the movie and did our craft while it was playing. I noticed that Marci was sitting on a version of a "Motel Chair" during their outside popcorn/pretzel/candy meal. As if I wasn't happy enough making turkey decorations with awesome kids...once that caught my eye I knew it was going to be a good day all around. So, I'm a little obsessed with my chairs...I love/hate looking on e-bay for them as there are always a good amount of them, but they're usually in various states of rust and rot. Well, that's it. Long story, road to nowhere, this is where it ends!


Happy Fakesgiving!

OK, every year we celebrate Thanksgiving with my family on the Sunday before "Real Thanksgiving". Hence, our Sunday celebration has now been named "Fakesgiving".
The pics above are just because I am in a Thanksgiving decor state of mind...Tina from Cherry Hill Cottage had chenille slips made for her chairs and I am faint with envy. Second pic is from everyone's favorite store on the Shore, Shutters. Christine is genius and I need to get to Fair Haven to visit STAT. The last photo is I believe from Country Living, but I lost the credit along the way, so I can't be held to it. Well, enjoy your Sunday afternoon and...HAPPY FAKESGIVING!!!


Discarded Books get a little love...

Awesome use of old books...visit Margi Laurin to see how she gives a second life to those poor, unloved library discards. Discarding books is my LEAST favorite task working at the library.



I just love this painting. And I love November. And, with any luck, mojo will return! (Thanks, littlebyrd!!)

The Blackberry Briar: Scent Menu: Spice Chest

The Blackberry Briar: Scent Menu: Spice Chest

Check out Michelle's fantastic array of scents! I will definitely be treating myself to some as well as buying gifts for the upcoming holidays.