1910 Photo of Broadway and Chattle Memorial

On the right of this postcard (1910) you can see the memorial which now stands behind the police station in Long Branch. How anyone came to decide upon such a shitty place to put it is beyond me. I think this picture is right at the intersection of Broadway, Bath and Norwood.


Garfield Grant Hotel, Long Branch NJ

The Garfield Grant Hotel at 279 Broadway in Long Branch. The building now serves as the local courthouse. Sometimes I have dreams that it's still a hotel and I get lost in long, marble floored hallways.


Church of the 7 Presidents

A photo of St. James Chapel prior to the overhaul it is currently undergoing.

Long Branch Public Library 1920's

The Long Branch Public Library...as it was. It's now about triple the size, but this facade is still competely intact, windows and all. The old city hall is the top shot of this postcard, the new city hall is the UGLIEST building you can imagine. It's supposed to be being re-built, and seriously, it can only be improved upon.
I work in the library and it's one of the only jobs I've ever had where I love going to work. It is an extremely quirky place, full of quirky people. It would, at times, make for a GREAT reality show. Like the moment a guy claiming to be a city fireman came in and wanted to know if he could look at porn on the internet. Well, he said, not like the real hard core stuff or anything. Oh.


Saint Michael's Church, Long Branch NJ

Saint Michael's Church, Ocean Avenue West End Long Branch NJ
Evidently I'm cultivating a quasi obsession with the churches in the town I live in. Hmmm....

St. James Chapel Long Branch NJ

Work is well under way now at St. James Chapel on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch. It's almost as though a haunted house is being brought back to life. I feel like I've been waiting my entire life to have the opportunity to go inside this church.


Dare Wright The Lonely Doll

For an extremely quirky, engaging read I highly recommend this biography. If you were lucky enough to have known The Lonely Doll as a child, the whole story is a thousandfold more interesting to an adult reader. Pretty much a heartbreaker.