"I Want A Dog" new book alert!

Okay, here's a preview of Barney Saltzberg's new book, which will be out in Fall. Can't wait to lift the flaps and pull the tabs with my toddler groups!!!


Picnic Longing

Of course I'm in the mood for a picnic's been raining since 5am! I'll have to wait till Thursday anyway, to enjoy my day off and maybe pack a picnic for the beach.


100th post...

Bloggers seem to like to commemorate numerical, for this, my 100th post, I will be giving away one of my little zippered postcard pouches. Just leave a comment and you may be randomly chosen to win a lil bag. Thanks for reading, it is appreciated!


Glory Days...

I know this is not a very good picture, but after poor Michael Jackson's untimely death, I asked my friend Jim about Michael. Jim was Springsteen's personal manager for over 10 years and during "We Are The World" they saw a good deal of Michael. He has fond memories of the decidedly offbeat MJ. This was the only photo of the three of them that I found, it had no photo credit so I'm not certain who took it.

I'm working for Jim at the Beach Club currently, hard to believe I've now known him for half my life...those babies of his that I looked after for so long are now grown up...2 in college, 1 in the "real world". God, how time flies. I worked at Springsteen's for a few years, after Bruce and Julianne's marriage broke up and when he and Patti first got together, then had their first child, then married. Life really is like a Springsteen song...don't you think?


Help For WritersCheck out "" if you write, want to write, have aspirations to write...


Beach Club

This is where I've been spending my days off from the library. I've been bartending at "Promenade Beach Club" here in Long Branch, NJ. Not a bad way to make a buck! Some people who belong there I've known for more than 20 years, it's interesting to see them and find out what's going on in their lives. A couple came in last weekend and recognized me from working at another beach club, in Sea Bright, and were amazed that I remembered their children's names more than 10 years after I'd last seen them.
Hopefully our sunny weather will continue!
Here's a fun little drink for a cloudless day:

Malibu Barbie:
1 oz. Malibu rum
1 oz. Absolut citron
1oz. sour mix
Combine first three ingredients in shaker, strain, pour over ice
Top with Sprite or 7-up
Hit with a splash of cranberry
Garnish with a slice of lemon

*Can also rim the glass with pink sugar for extra "Barbieness"
Now take it down to the sand and...relax!!!


Get Creative at Your Library!

Each year our Summer Reading Club has a theme...this year it is "Get Creative at Your Library". We have a little karaoke stage set up, a play kitchen, dress up chest and of course a tea party table. Here I am with one of my favorite library patrons, Zoey. She is an absolute sunbeam of a child and I've been lucky enough to know her for her entire life.


Babies and Firecrackers...

with a few "Babes" thrown in for good measure. Have a happy, fun and safe 4th of July. I'll be bartending away all weekend but I'll be able to see the fireworks from the bar, so it's a win-win deal.