Pretty in Pink in the Kitchen

Since, after the reno we've done, the kitchen needs to be painted, I've been looking for something which "feels right". Surprisingly enough, pink has been presenting itself as a possibility. I like the sweet, retro feel pink lends itself to. We'll have to wait and see, as I currently don't have the time to invest in a kitchen makeover. But I do love to look!


Secrets for Spring, by Shannon Richardson, oil on canvas, 20" x 24"

I love this painting, the title, everything about it. Speaking of "Secrets for Spring", what are some of yours? One of the most crucial "secrets" has got to be what we do in Autumn-months ahead of Spring...planting crocuses and hyacinth are musts for me. The past few days it's been a bit warmer here at the Shore and my Spring bulbs are pushing up and saying hello. What a welcome sight they are after an extraordinarily long-feeling Winter. Seriously, it seemed as if we were in an endless cycle of storms and darkness. And parts of the area are still recovering from the Nor'Easter which hit last weekend. We were so lucky, but (unable to stay away from the lure of the ocean) when we went down to check out the beachfront it was seriously scary. The sand was blowing horizontally and the waves were pushing foam out onto the road. Crazy exciting.


"The Old Painted Cottage"

OK, when you have time may I suggest you check out Jennifer's awesome site, "The Old Painted Cottage". Particularly her "Cottage of the Month", which she's been putting together since 2006. It is seriously in, you will want to look at every cottage from every month from the past four years and next thing you know, 2 hours have gone by. Worth every minute! Like taking a REALLY good house tour but without any fussy, show-offy Junior Leaguers bossing you around. Have fun!