City Love

Keep Calm poster can be purchased at: Awesome NYC and many other decals are available at: Necklace is available at: Fashion items aren't available for purchase. Boo. Already planning our next weekend in Manhattan. I LOVE that we live so close and can pop in for a day or-much better-grab a hotel for a few nights and spend more time there. But, in lieu of going, I found the above goodies to gaze at while I try to figure out an affordable way to stay at the Bryant Park Hotel-in that gorgeous "radiator" building!


Grow old along with me...

...the best is yet to be... Visit Advanced Style~ ~such beauty, such energy, such inspiration!!! Ari Seth Cohen=Genius. **************************** Came across a story in a magazine this morning about a woman who wasn't feeling so good about her aging self. She would look in the mirror, not recognize the woman looking back and felt mournful about the changes her face, skin and hair have undergone. Is this very common? It seems to be, from what I read and see on tv. it weird I don't feel that way? Granted, I'm 45, not 95 but still! It took me a very, very long time to be ok with myself physically, perhaps it's better to struggle with one's younger self- then relax and be at ease with what we look like as we age. No one ever said this journey would be easy, but we certainly don't need to look for ways to make it harder!'s to sunscreen, happiness and self acceptance!! xoxo


I'll Have What She's Having...

My wonderful friend Sandra took me to see Grace Potter and The Nocturnals last night at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ. What a great show. Audience was interestingly wide-age-ranged. From fluttery fingered grooving hipsters to us forty somethings on up to....I dunno, 80ish? GP is one amazing woman. She rocked it hard. And looks amazing doing it. After watching and hearing her give it her all, I'm inspired something. People with that much energy AMAZE me. Shows like that are such a positive 5 people on a stage can instantaneously uplift an audience of thousands is pretty powerful. Live music is one of life's true, spontaneous pleasures.


Keep Calm and Blog On...

Sometimes I can get lost in BlogLand, other times it can annoy me to distraction. I'm not a very invested blogger. Meaning, I post sporadically and am definitely more free-form/unstructured than many bloggers. Those who manage to post every day amaze me. Spread the discipline, people! How do you do it?