More Long Branch Street Art...

More Broadway street art. I always thought I'd love a cool mural in my house, but then I realized you can't take it with you when/if you move. The lesson in THAT, of course, is that everything is temporary and eventually we'll all have to let go of everything we love/admire/cherish. Depressing yet liberating, no?


Long Branch NJ Art on the Street...OR Edgy Librarian Photos

I've never been a, well, a girl who follows too many trends. With regard to reading, films, plays, etc. I gravitate toward the original, the different, the outsider effect I suppose it could called. I was lucky enough to recently work with Andrea Phox, photographer extraordinaire, again, using the incredible backdrop of the Long Branch, NJ Broadway arts district. So many talented artists have used the area (soon to be redeveloped) as an enormous gallery.
Please check Andrea's blog out for more AMAZING photos!!! and tell her Tara sent you!!! Enjoy.