Blue and White, White and Blue... me boring but I find these palettes so soothing and lovely. Maybe someday I'll step out of the white, cream and blue box.


Mystery Fix...

I love a mystery book. Just finished "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" by Alan Bradley and really enjoyed's narrated by an 11 year old girl in post was London and it was just a fun, witty read.

I've been putting together a list of book recommendations for the library, as people frequently ask me for suggestions and I absolutely LOVE when I make a good match! I think I'll post my list here when I'm done...not a lot of mainstream books on the list, but that makes it all the more interesting. Have a wonderful weekend! And let me know what you're reading now and what you'd like to read.


Beach Reading...

This was SUPPOSED to be me this week. I took an entire week off from work and planned on lounging at the beach, book in hand, the entire time. Who knew it would rain EVERY SINGLE DAY??? I am enjoying the book "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" currently but it would be even better with some sand in it!
Other than that I did enjoy a lovely week of pure leisure. My girls finished school for Summer Break Friday and that always takes a lot of pressure off all of early mornings, softball, band, etc. etc.
Here's to a wonderful, calm, happy, healthy Summer!


Artist Robert Rahway Zakanitch

Robert Rahway Zakanitch is my good friend Deb's cousin. His work is so incredibly varied...he's illustrated two children's books, created the theater curtain pictured above, has had various gallery/museum shows...just amazing! His textile paintings are so beautiful, I'm really enamored of his work.
On another note, I'm off from the Library this week...and the sun has finally shown her face. I am looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing and now I can do some of it outside!!! Stack of books, here I come.


Atlantic and Ocean

Another Hunter McKee, this one on Atlantic Avenue in Long Branch. We lived right by these buildings for 10 years, my husband went to the barber shop which lived in the left hand storefront. The other side has been home to a few ventures over the past several years...a gourmet shop (delicious, short-lived), some sort of tech place (very short-lived) and it is now a surf shop which, as the ocean is directly to the left of these buildings and a new skate park has popped up behind them, may actually make it. There was a fantastic century old general store to the right of this set, but the moron who owned it knocked it down last year.


Sea Bright, NJ streetscape

This is a painting by Hunter McKee . Sea Bright is the most interesting, unique little town. It's on a kind of barrier strip, sandwiched between the Atlantic and the Shrewsbury River. There's everything from a really old fashioned hardware store to an upscale restaurant owned by Matt Bon Jovi. This painting is of a quiet little side street, unremarkable yet appealing.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Ok, today it's been raining like it will never end, but TOMORROW is supposed to be sunny, warm and gorgeous!!! I picked up a week-end bartending job for the summer at the Beach Club I used to go to, so good weather equals good money. Hope your week-end is wonderful!