White New Year, Blue Moon...

What a year, what a year! Here are some pics of the past week. The little branch library I work at when I'm not at the Main Library is such a pretty little slice of old fashioned America. It looks nothing short of idyllic when it's got a little powdering of snow on it.
Happy, Happy New Year to all...may 2010 bring you health, happiness and lots of love.


Urban Farmhouse

Love the glitter, love the slipcovers, love the egg wreath. I'm in love. Go to: for a little taste of love...


Christmas in Long Branch...

Started decorating the outside of the house...still a way to go, lights etc, but we've at least gotten the ball rolling. The "Christmas in Long Branch" sign was brought home the other day from Shutters. The old metal motel chairs are changed to red and black for winter instead of the periwinkle and sea glass colors of the warmer months. Looking at these pictures I see there is still SO much to do!


We love Barney!!!

Check out Barney Saltzberg's blog: when you get a chance. He is not only ridiculously talented, he's a super nice person. If you've read my blog you know I am his number one fan. (Poor guy!) And if you need to buy Holiday gifts for kids, please allow me to make a suggestion: Get them any of Barney's titles!!! You will be happy you did. Just go to and search Barney's name. And enjoy!!!

p.s. Barney will e-mail you a copy of the "READ" poster above. See his blog for details! His generosity is as great as his books!!


Silver Shoes

My youngest daughter just outgrew the cutest pair of silver shoes and I thought they'd make a great Christmas deco. I found these images of other silver shoes decking the halls and now just need to decide exactly where to put our pair of twinkle toes.


Simple Color Schemes for Christmas...

I am loving a simple, classic look for this Christmas. Photos are from Shutters in Fair Haven and the boots are from I think I'll be sticking with silver, white, blue and a touch of black. My daughters are none too happy with this...last year they called the Christmas tree "Mommy's Tree" to let everyone know I instituted an evil plan to ruin their Christmas by decorating to MY liking for once. Today we've been pulling out the decorations and I'm pretty psyched to see how it all comes together!