Teresa Sheeley...Genius at Work!

As a follower of Teresa Sheeley's blog and a window-shopper of her etsy store, I just HAD to share these awesome truck towels with you. I adore these graphics and someday I want to buy myself a big old (and I do mean old) delivery or pick-up to tool around in.
Please check out Teresa's blog and her etsy store: You'll be happy you did! Thanks, Teresa, for always being such an inspiration and for creating such amazing art!


Brownie Cookies

Casey, my 15 year old daughter, had an idea to make "Brownie Cookies". So, she did a little research and came up with these delicious, cakey-fudgy-dense but not too dense delights. She served them with fresh whipped cream and, Lord, they were good. I'll have to ask her for the recipe...


and the living is easy. Or the living SHOULD be easy! I wouldn't mind being dropped into any of these scenes. The blue picket fence has definitely piqued my interest, it seems like such a fun, carefree touch to a garden!


Kitchen Witch's Wish List...

We're just about finished with our construction project which added 3 bedrooms and 2 baths to our Craftman's Bungalow. I thought it was all over but the crying, till my brother in law asked when we were going to re-do our kitchen!? So now I've been money left for a proper overhaul, but these pictures seem like manageable goals. They're in my fave color schemes, white green and blue, and how can I go wrong with that? Plus there are some GREAT bowls, etc. right now at Anthropologie that will complete this look. So, we'll see what a few gallons of paint, a good sale and some creative re-arranging can do.


Where's the Mojo?

I've been working on a children's book. It is written, is has two lovely, encouraging rejection letters proudly attached to it, and I've lost my mojo. This is not an illustration from it, just some therapeutic work I threw together to look for that elusive mojo. Patience and consistency, two things I need to work on. Have a great Saturday!


Oh Happy Day...and More Vintage Motel Chairs!!!

My incredible husband called me from his cell yesterday to tell me....drumroll please...that there was a COMPLETE SET of the metal furniture I collect curbside on a dead end street in a new development a few blocks from our house. He was on a bike ride when he spied this treasure. Needless to say I hauled ass over, took the chairs and table right away then went back today (praying it would still be there) for the glider. I. Am. So. Happy. And grateful for my man!!! Hope your day held happiness for you!!!


Little Surprises All Around...

While driving to work yesterday in Elberon, we spotted this deer just walking by the roadside. It's funny to see them just a block from the beach.
A few days ago my 14 year old wanted to go shopping, we headed to "The Grove" in Shrewsbury and stumbled across this sweet/funky garden. I love surprises!