College Scouting in Philly

Spent last weekend scouting colleges for my eldest daughter who is a senior in high school. The Philadelphia/Bryn Mawr area is just lovely...and only a little over an hour and 1/2 from home. Bryn Mawr and Haverford College are amazingly beautiful. But, as it's her decision-not mine- I kept all opinions to myself. She's a smart girl who's worked hard and I know she'll land where she is supposed to. Borrowing from the Kinks: Here's wishing her the bluest skies...I know tomorrow she'll find better things.


Floral Pillows and Laziness...

A few floral pillows to soften up the metal porch furniture I recently claimed from the trash would be just sewing machine is set up. I have fabric. What is the deal with just not jumping in and making some pillows? I don't know why I always put off doing what isn't even complicated! Maybe I'll just run to Home Goods and see what they have. Since I am officially a lame-o.


Long Branch Jazz and Blues Festival

Uhm, guess I should've used the flash, but here is my honey and me.

The fireworks were spectacular...Matt O'Ree played as the fireworks were going off.

The top pic (the only good one, really) is a promo picture for "Pier Village" here in Long Branch. The other photos are ones I snapped tonight at the J&B Festival. It was an absolutely gorgeous night, the moon-rise was spectacular and there was a breeze off the ocean. It's only a little over a mile from our house, so we walked. The band pictured is the "Matt O'Ree Band", I used to head to Asbury Park every Wednesday to see them play at "Crossroads". They're awesome! I love living at the Shore!!!