Down The Shore Everything's All Right...

This is the "Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. There was a vintage postcard/ephemera show there last weekend. There will be another one in August, there is always a great collection of everything from hard to find postcards (of course my favorites are always well priced as I PREFER them to have been written on and sent) to curious little knick knacks. *In a post from a few weeks ago there is a postcard posted of this basic shot. You can see how well the Auditorium has been preserved.

The Tents prior to being covered and opened for the season. They look naked this way, but I love the way they seem to be waiting for their people to come back...

Just a few of the homes on Ocean Pathway. The Atlantic is just beyond the last home on the right...(there is a street, then the boardwalk, then the gorgeous Ocean Grove beach).

The Asbury Park Power Station...the famed Carousel building is barely visible, the domed roof on the left. The Casino is on the far right, they've stripped it down to its bones and are going to rebuild it.

Ah, the Wonder Bar. The beach is across the street and the Berkely Carteret Hotel is in the background. And there's poor Tillie, smiling like a fool. The Wonder Bar was supposed to have closed last year and been demolished, but was granted a reprieve of some sort. I do love a divey gin mill with live music.
I realize these photos are less than stellar, but it was one of the first nice days down here and we decided to just walk aimlessly around the Ocean Grove/Asbury area.

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