Thanksgiving Silliness

Ok, the first photos are obviously of vintage metal yard chairs. The next one is my best friend and I jib-jabbed into being beer swilling First Thanksgiving Participants. She will probably kill me when she sees it, but it will be worth it! We have a face book page devoted to our antics (The Chrissy and Tara Show) and I popped the pic right on there. If you're on facebook feel free to take a look. As long as you're not offended by any of the following: profanity, double entendres, making fun of serious issues...if you're good with that then stop by for a visit.

The last pic is, of course, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". I had SUCH a good day at work today...did the "Toddler Time" program in the morning and had an awesome group of toddlers and parents. After we read a few books I put on a really fantastic cd to dance to...eesh, I can't remember the proper name of it but it was put out by Pottery Barn. It had "Shout"-which those babies LOVED, "Surfin Safari", "The Name Game", just an eclectic collection of music. The parents liked it because it was definitely not the treacly, weird high-voiced children's type of cd that makes anyone over the age of 2 run screaming from the room. OK, sorry, back to Charlie Brown...during the afternoon program, for older kids (3-8) we read a few stories then put on the movie and did our craft while it was playing. I noticed that Marci was sitting on a version of a "Motel Chair" during their outside popcorn/pretzel/candy meal. As if I wasn't happy enough making turkey decorations with awesome kids...once that caught my eye I knew it was going to be a good day all around. So, I'm a little obsessed with my chairs...I love/hate looking on e-bay for them as there are always a good amount of them, but they're usually in various states of rust and rot. Well, that's it. Long story, road to nowhere, this is where it ends!

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