Sit Awhile...

Two very different reading spots. Or thinking spots. Or resting spots. Or...


Beach Huts Redux

Clearly I've got beach huts on the brain. What can I say? It was over 80 degrees this weekend, the ocean smelled great and I'm SO ready for summer. Check out the website for lots of quaint Seaside treats.


Blue Mood

I adore the loosely slipcovered wing chair in the last photo...with my limited sewing skills I wonder if I could handle something like that.


Good Frienergy

Here's to good friends...Amy, this one is for you. A cozy spot, a cup of tea, a sunny window and happiness galore. Thanks for hosting me tonight! It's always a happy occasion when I get to see you.

Down The Shore Everything's All Right...

This is the "Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. There was a vintage postcard/ephemera show there last weekend. There will be another one in August, there is always a great collection of everything from hard to find postcards (of course my favorites are always well priced as I PREFER them to have been written on and sent) to curious little knick knacks. *In a post from a few weeks ago there is a postcard posted of this basic shot. You can see how well the Auditorium has been preserved.

The Tents prior to being covered and opened for the season. They look naked this way, but I love the way they seem to be waiting for their people to come back...

Just a few of the homes on Ocean Pathway. The Atlantic is just beyond the last home on the right...(there is a street, then the boardwalk, then the gorgeous Ocean Grove beach).

The Asbury Park Power Station...the famed Carousel building is barely visible, the domed roof on the left. The Casino is on the far right, they've stripped it down to its bones and are going to rebuild it.

Ah, the Wonder Bar. The beach is across the street and the Berkely Carteret Hotel is in the background. And there's poor Tillie, smiling like a fool. The Wonder Bar was supposed to have closed last year and been demolished, but was granted a reprieve of some sort. I do love a divey gin mill with live music.
I realize these photos are less than stellar, but it was one of the first nice days down here and we decided to just walk aimlessly around the Ocean Grove/Asbury area.



All about Etsy...Thank you House Beautiful! I love HB for two reasons...the paint swatches in the beginning of the magazine and the dopey questions they pose to decorators on the very last page. Who knew they were etsy fans??? Go, HB!

London House on a silk pillow...bridgetdavies.etsy.com a silk pillow with a herringbone sidewalk. Love this!

Artist Warren Beisher' s engaging drawings of Brooklyn, reproduced on lampshades. $130, Brooklyn, NY, identitytank.etsy.com

The cottage cutout gives this a home-sweet-home charm. $38, Burlingame, CA, prettyrandomobjects.etsy.com

littlefishfurniture.etsy.com has this book shelf...yes, a real live book shelf.


Rose colored glasses...

Just some feel-good, Spring pix. Wish I was lounging (book in hand of course) on the bed in the first pic. I am going to put in for a few days off and hope I hit a day or two like these!!!


And Now, A Few Words From Miss Tara...

My Life at The Library...

I read children's books for a living. No, not as an editor or publisher, I read children's books to children. My audience is both appreciative and opinionated. They are fearless in showing both their love and their disdain. Tough crowd.

In addition to the young reader/listeners, ranging in age from 1-8, I adore the 9-12 readers. Especially the ones who claim to "hate reading". A lot of times they've felt forced (in school) to read books that don't interest them at all so they don't even recognize reading as a positive experience. That's not easy to overcome, their attitude has been tainted and they can't imagine reading for enjoyment, all they know is they don't WANT to read.
It always breaks my heart a little bit when parents size up a child's book choice and comes out with something like, "Whaddaya reading that for? It's a baby book. It's too easy for you." Well, maybe it is. And why is that any of our adult business? Maybe it was a tough day at school. Maybe someone wasn't kind. Maybe a "baby book" has been sought out for comfort. Maybe a challenging book isn't what's called for at this moment. Let them read what they want, when it's for enjoyment. They'll seek out more words, more pages, more authors when the time is right.

My favorite way to match a book to a reader is to just ask them to read the first page. That's all. That's all??? they ask. That's all I answer. Then, at the end of the first page I'll ask, "Do you want to know more about this story?" and if they do, great. If not, we try again. There's a book for everyone, we just have to find it. This simple trick has worked for me time and again, whether it's a reticent 8 year old or an absolutely criminal (and that's not over stating a fact) 15 year old, I've found success with the "first page" test.

I am over the moon with the news that Vanessa B. Newton's book, "Let Freedom Ring" will be published soon! Can't wait to see it on our shelves. I'm already planning a children's program around it...check out her blog to find out more.
I came across Vanessa's blog and was instantly smitten. Her work grabbed me as soon as I lay my eyes on it. Honestly, I see thousands of books a day, but I've learned to know a good thing when I see it. And Vanessa and her art? They are very good things. Here's to you, Divine Miss V.!



My Happy Place For the Day

Had to add a bit of brightness to this dreary day. These colors are typically a bit bold for my eye, but I absolutely needed them this morning! Of course the book lying open upon the bed and the postcards strung between the ceiling beams instantly clinched this as my virtual happy place! My commute to work is only 8 minutes, down Ocean Avenue, and I swear even the Atlantic was feeling gloomy today. She's as sensitive as the rest of us of course. Ah, well, brighter days are right around the bend. Until then, I'll just gaze at this Nantucket cottage. It must be near impossible to have a lousy mood here. Maybe there's a root cellar or something to which all pouters are banished.


Is a Gray Sweater Appropriate Easter Wear?

Happy Easter. I wish it felt a bit more like it's time for the Easter Bunny instead of time for Old Saint Nick. What's with the weather??? In any case, have a fab Easter, or hope you had a wonderful (belated) Passover.
I went to Forever 21 today and snagged a charcoal 3/4 sleeve turtleneck sweater ($5.99), thinking it would be great for Fall but I may very well wear it tomorrow, Easter Sunday, with a silver skirt and tights.


Lousy Week at Work? Make Lemonade.

Had the worst week ever at work. But, somehow, it's turned out pretty well. Got me going on my children's book again, which I'd shelved as it seemed I never had time/energy to work on it. Well, there's alway time and energy, it's just a matter of channeling it! I'll post updates as it all starts to come together. Amazing how a really low mood can give way to excitement and a creative rush.

As for the photo, I think it's part of a kitchen but I could totally settle in and do some work at that table!