Mmmm hmmmm...Missus Beasley may have out-shopped herself today. While at anthropologie, storming the sale room, I found this incredibly lovely red dress for...$49.95. Ta-da! I hadnt seen it there before, unlike the items I sometimes stalk till they are relegated to the sale room. Oh, but my day was to become ever so much better. When we got to the check-out, the anthro-girl couldn't find the proper sku #. She was apologetic and calm and had to attempt to find the proper sku number via computer and it just wasn't working...I'm a mellow shopper and didn't mind the delay at all, though I felt a little trepidation that, it being April Fool Day, she would find out the dress really cost $200. She, ingenious girl she was, actually remembered which catalogue it was in and looked it up that way (there was a stash of them in a drawer behind the counter). She found it and announced after ringing in the numbers, that this beautiful find was...prepare yourself...$19.95. Words which brought tears of joy to this cheapskates eyes. As my youngest brother is getting married to the greatest woman in the world in October, I do believe I have my dress! p.s. Original price was $188.

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