Happy Mother's Day

Awoke yesterday to a beautiful Mother's Day, made more so by the fact I didn't have to go to work and therefore stayed in bed for a RIDICULOUSLY long amount of time.  Napping tired me out so I had to nap some more.  Awesome daughters brought me my favorite breakfast (egg, cheese and vegetarian sausage wrapped in an herb tortilla with homemade salsa on the side from North Beach Grille on Atlantic Avenue) and Snapple iced tea to drink. They also graced me with an eye makeup set in "Naked" I had expressed interest in and an Almond Joy bar.  Bliss.  Youngest daughter made a card with a picture of Mrs. Jumbo holding Dumbo.  She and I had watched "Dumbo" the night before.  "Baby Mine" always makes me a bit weepy.  OK, a lot weepy.  Later in the afternoon we went out to score the Starbucks "Happy Hour" half priced Frappucinos.  Even through the normal ups and downs life brings, being a mother has proven to be my favorite thing on earth.  It has taught me what unconditional love truly is.  My heart knows no bounds where those girls are concerned.  My wish for them is they grow to be happy, healthy, strong and kind, know who they are and how to be themselves no matter what they are faced with. 

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