Morning Mermaid Magic

The sky is AMAZING as the sun rises over the Atlantic...this photo was taken at around 4:45 a.m.

This is currently the background on my phone...I try to channel some of the peace I felt that morning when I need it.  Which is usually about 1,000 times per day lately.  It's hard for me to imagine living far from the ocean...except for Manhattan, I've never lived more than 5 miles from the Atlantic or the Pacific.  Hence my seaglass/sand dollar/sea star obsession.

Started running again a couple months back.  Ugh on sucks starting back at the beginning.  Did a slow 3miles on the boards this morning, it was pretty damn humid.  Which makes it even more of a slog.  The pay off is how I feel afterward...SO good.  Nothing like sweating it out-physically and mentally.  Good for the scale, good for the soul.  Good for being able to wear cute clothes.


Carole said...

What a spectacular photo. Have a great week.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Beautiful Tara!!! Oh my goodness it's been a while hasn't it!! So sweet of you to come by and say something sweet to lift me today. Thanks so much. Sending you many, many well wishes and hugs today!!