City Love

Keep Calm poster can be purchased at: Awesome NYC and many other decals are available at: Necklace is available at: Fashion items aren't available for purchase. Boo. Already planning our next weekend in Manhattan. I LOVE that we live so close and can pop in for a day or-much better-grab a hotel for a few nights and spend more time there. But, in lieu of going, I found the above goodies to gaze at while I try to figure out an affordable way to stay at the Bryant Park Hotel-in that gorgeous "radiator" building!


Carole said...

lovely images, Tara. Hope things are going well for you. Cheers

PS Being a Jersey girl have you got any thoughts on whether Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum has any real relation to reality??

Tara Sullivan said...

Hi Carole! Hmmm...great question! I've never identified with her too closely, but can see how her sense of humor and feisty nature can be construed as "Jersey Girl" attitude!