Duke Farms on a Hot July Day

Took the week off from work and am enjoying every second of it! The temp is kind of high-mid 90s-but that didn't deter me and the Mister from driving out to Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ. What a great place to spend a day. We used their bike-share to get around, which was a fantastic way to see as much of the grounds as we chose to...there is also a tram and walking trails, we biked about 6 miles (he with very little effort, me with a LOT of effort) and just kind of reveled in a day which had no structure, no schedule, no stress!!! You can't help but marvel at the sheer size of the the Mister noted, it would be like owning your own Central Park. Doris Duke lived a most extraordinary life, and her passion for the land is our gift to treasure.

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