Gulp, Yelp.

I absolutely LOVE reading reviews people leave on YELP.  Not always for finding new eats, mind you, but for the sheer entertainment factor.

"With nothing for my 3 year old to do (no crayons, no paper to draw on and the noise level was too loud for him to pay attention to his ipad) and still waiting for our salads, my husband ended up taking my son outside for a walk.  Salads came, still no food for my son.  Salads cleared, still no food for my son.  Our dinner finally came but at this point my son was fit to be tied....and so was I because there was still no food for him.  Guess whose dinner came last?!?"

Love the way taking the overwhelmed iPad using 3 year old outside for a walk seems unheard of to this mother.  No one's EVER had to do that before while waiting for their food to be prepared and served to them.  Oh, the horror.  Also, um, bring your own fucking crayons to a restaurant.  Unless it's Chucky Freaking Cheese, restaurants are (shocker) not responsible for entertaining your child.  And ear phones.  He needs earphones.  For the iPad you've given him.  And FOOD.  For the love of Christ, pack that kid some food so he won't have to sit for more than 7 seconds in a restaurant with NO FOOOOOOD!!!  Is this an American attitude-instant gratification thing?  Or just a dopey parenting thing? Hint for next time: Hire a sitter.

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