English Seaside Dreams

Not sure why I'm obsessing over the English Seaside lately, especially since I live within walking distance to the Jersey Seaside, but it has such a different feel, no? There's something dream like about it, at least to my addled brain.
Did you notice the beach hut slipcovered chair in the third photo?
And the last one is of Blackpool Tower, I believe.


thewillowsnest said...

Hi ,thanks for sweet comment on my blog , popped over here to visit , wow I love that first pic of the old merry - go -round!
Your old motel chairs are a great idea, better that having all the same old boring patio furniture as everybody else!
When I lived in New Zealand I found some great old movie theatre chairs , and an old barbers chair from the 1800's , ( proudly sitting in my living room!
I understand, love it!
Cheers , Helen

Poke Salad Annie said...

oh, i adore these photos! i lived in a seaside town in England when i was a little girl and these photos are so evocative and nostalgic. thanks for posting them!