Lucky Library Girl, Thanks Mary Beth!

I LOVE coming to work and never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever find a job which brings me so much happiness. I am separating the actual job from the politics which go on behine the scenes, those are no fun whatsoever and have caused me much UNhappiness. Which is why I'll take working with children any day over cranky ol' grown ups. Just for the record, I'll list some of the jobs I've held in the past:
1. Slave to upper East Side society woman-not enjoyable AT ALL but has given me plenty of material with which to amuse friends and family.
2. Waitress (not the best waitress you'll ever have, but managed to be amusing)
3. Front Desk/Office worker at a private beach club in Sea Bright NJ
4. Cleaning lady for the general population.
5. Cleaning lady/general house care for famous rock star.
6. Sales Coordinator at Dow Jones Financial Publishing
7. Receptionist at medical spa...job perks included free botox and hair removal laser. Doesn't get much better than that.
8. Library Assistant. My friend Mary Beth should get credit for this decision. She always told me I should work in a library. She graduated like 8th in our class. I graduated like 208th. I should've listened to Mare years ago!
9. This summer, I'll be adding Bartender to this list. Weekends will find me tending bar at a beach club in Long Branch.
The photos above are the of the Children's Room and exterior at the Branch Library I'm at 3 days a week. How could you not want to settle in for story time with those children? Seriously. I feel so lucky. Thanks, Mary Beth! You were right. I should work in a library!

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Florence said...

How lovely - I've always thought that a library would be a fantastic place to work too.

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