Glory Days...

I know this is not a very good picture, but after poor Michael Jackson's untimely death, I asked my friend Jim about Michael. Jim was Springsteen's personal manager for over 10 years and during "We Are The World" they saw a good deal of Michael. He has fond memories of the decidedly offbeat MJ. This was the only photo of the three of them that I found, it had no photo credit so I'm not certain who took it.

I'm working for Jim at the Beach Club currently, hard to believe I've now known him for half my life...those babies of his that I looked after for so long are now grown up...2 in college, 1 in the "real world". God, how time flies. I worked at Springsteen's for a few years, after Bruce and Julianne's marriage broke up and when he and Patti first got together, then had their first child, then married. Life really is like a Springsteen song...don't you think?

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