Lovely to think of being able to go to a theater such as the Mayfair in Asbury. I have seen show and films at Convention Hall in Asbury, I guess we should be grateful there has been any preservation at all maintained...


A Plea For Decorating Help!!!

A call for assistance...of the decorating type. We just finished a pretty big project on our 1925 Craftman Bungalow. I love, love, love it all with the exception of my bedroom. I picked what I thought would be a butter yellow. Long story short: not so buttery, but very, very citrusy. Any suggestions are appreciated. I am utterly at a loss. Typically I don't use a lot of yellow in my decorating, I'm much more at home with soft, kind of "broken in" colors...and of course I could just invest the time/money in repainting, but some masochistic part of me is rising to the challenge of trying to make this color work. The floors are now a very pretty, warm hardwood, if that helps! Thanks for looking.


Long Branch NJ .... We bundled up yesterday and walked about 4 miles, some of it on the sand at the waters edge. Felt great, cold and windy but not brutal. Like I've said before, living at the beach has really ruined treadmills for me. There is no comparison, even on the most freezing of days, to running next to the Atlantic. And enough layers make any extreme of weather bearable. The only caveat to that is when you're excercising it makes it impossible to dawdle and look for sea glass and sand dollars.


For some reason this picture has made me hungry for Spring. Can't wait to start planting and have the option of being outside without freezing. I really love the sea glass colored bottles on the top shelf...


OK, add three more rooms onto my dream house. The simple crispness of these rooms is so appealing, they have a relaxed though refreshing feel to them.

NJ Libraries Need Your Help!!!

Want to support New Jersey Libraries?
New Jersey Libraries are facing many challenges today. Please add your voice in support of strong local libraries which provide essential services to you and your family.

Please call Governor Corzine's office (609-292-6000)
and let him know the following:

You are at the library today and wanted to tell him that libraries are important to you and your family and directly impact your quality of life as a resident of New Jersey.

In these difficult economic times more people than ever are using New Jersey libraries. Library usage is rising. People need free access to the Internet.

· It is important to keep state funding for library programs at current levels in the next state budget. State funding for library programs is only $16 million or less than $2.00 per resident. State funding has not increased in 20 years.

· Please no more cuts. Libraries are filling a vital community role.

Please call (609-292-6000) by March 6. 2/19/09


I love luggage labels. They let you dream of going...somewhere. Anywhere? My grandmother died a year and a half ago, my aunt would like to take a trip to bring her ashes back to Denmark. A sad reason for travel to be sure.

Love this little office set up. Trying to find grain/flour/feed sacks to use as pillows/slipcovers, but this idea is not only stylish, it may actually be simple enough for me to do!


My dream house...need I say more? As a kid I wouldn't have thought to bring a dollhouse outside to play, but I could imagine a whole life contained in the roots of a tree...I remember playing for hours with little figures and making pine needle beds and acorn cap tea cups and all sorts of good stuff.

Can not WAIT for Spring to hit NJ. Running through the frigid Winter on the boardwalk is difficult at best, but that Atlantic Ocean makes it all worthwhile. It certainly leaves any treadmill in the dust. I've come to love running, which I never thought I'd feel...the waves have moods all their own.

Just wondering how difficult this headboard would REALLY be...I always think I'm capable of a project like this until I'm knee deep in it...


I just love this photo. It's kind of surreal, but a bit melancholic as well.'s been a while! I'll start out by stating I LOVE this room. The books, the hemp slipcovers, makes me want to brew up a mug of miso and settle in with a good read.