I'm not going to be in today...

Pop in a video and call it "Toddler Time"...

Sick Day Procedural:

Last evening: Got into bed early (had to catch up on the Real Housewives from last week so as to know what's the what this week). Fell asleep before new episode even hit the screen. Yay...sleeping, sleeping.

2:37 a.m. Middle daughter awakens me. Seems youngest daughter is sick. Like already thrown up in her bed sick.

2:42 Stripping bed, comforting upset, vomit laden child who is hugging the bowl like a frat boy.

2:58 Have re-settled puker, know there's no way I'll be falling back to sleep so traipse down to hang out with cat and watch "Snapped" a show which my family loathes - are they afraid I'll be next to Snap???

3:47 Up. Murder show. Cat ditched me.

4:07 Yay. "How Clean is Your House"!!! I feel like Martha Freaking Stewart after watching the filth people have surrounded themselves in. My personal faves broadcast on this show are overflowing cat boxes, overflowing ashtrays and overflowing stretch pants.

5:34 Check facebook. See some friends are actually awake and on. Leave sad status update about puke a thon. Receive instant sympathy and offers of "if there's anything I can do". How I love facebook.

6:07 Begin obsessing about calling out sick from work. KEEP IN MIND: 2 weeks ago I was sick, fever and all, went to work because that is a less stressful proposition than calling out sick, and my house got robbed. While I was at work. Sick.

Can't leave sick child home alone. Robbers may come back and steal her. Hate calling out sick because it's always fraught with drama. There's no one else to do Toddler Time. How will we do Toddler Time? Oh my God, how can there not be a Toddler Time? My suggestion would be to put out a box of wine and paper cups, turn the hokey pokey up as loud as it goes and have the best Toddler Time ever.

Speaking of calling out sick, can someone please tell me isn't it typical to call one's place of employment and not have to track your supervisor down at home to let it be known there will be no Toddler Time today??? Our (totally made-up) official policy is to call our supervisors before 8:00 a.m. Even though they don't come to work till 10. I've never had a job where you have to first try the cell phone (off) of supervisor, then talk to supervisor's adult son on their house phone (pleasantry, pleasantry, is your mom up and about?) then finally get supervisor out of shower just to say, UM, So very sorry but I won't be in today.
Allright, all, do have a wonderful day.

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Boy you've got this down!!! he he he! OMG! Poor baby. Hope that she is feeling better. I truly do understand this. More than I want to admit. Wise words girly. I will keep this in mind.