I hereby resolve to...wait, what was it again?

It's always interesting to me to read other people's New Year resolutions. Sometimes I make a sort of vicarious resolution through someone else's desire to improve something in their life. My husband asked me New Year's Eve if I was going to make any resolutions. Not really was my answer. Not really? In rethinking it, that just sounds so weak. SO, in the vein of joining the rest of the country with taking a step in the right direction, I am making a broad resolution to just try to be better. Whether it's putting things such as laundry (ugh) away in a timely manner (you know, like before it becomes all muddled in with dirty laundry and the whole mess must be re-washed) or a little more patient (oh, the words my poor innocent children's ears have been assaulted with in my auto), or a little more giving (I'd already signed up to cook a community meal at St. James on the 16th-or is it the 17th?) be a little more organized (refer to previous sentence) I'm just going to strive to be...a little better. Here's to a better 2010...

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