The REAL Jersey Shore...

Who says you aren't able to enjoy being "down the Shore" in the middle of January? In the middle of the night? For those of you who've had the unfortunate experience of seeing MTV's "Jersey Shore", may I clarify a few things? And, really, I'm not bashing the show...though the cast is made up of people clearly NOT from the shore, it is entertaining and who wouldn't want to take a voyeuristic peek on a house where people are "goin' tannin', gettin' my hair did and goin' to the nail salon", presumably so they look pretty when they get involved in a bar brawl later in the day?

We Jersey Girls love our beaches. The night these photos were snapped, Chrissy and I had been to the charming West End area of Long Branch, where we drank a few "Snowballs in Hell" which actually taste nothing short of heavenly. (Somehow Chrissy cribbed the recipe, I will try to remember to post it in full, but just know it includes Godiva white, Stoli Vanil, cream and angel wings or pixie dust or unicorn eyelash...)

So, we love our beaches enough to visit them in the wee hours and look for...sea glass! I managed to get my poor boots wet, but Chrissy not only stayed dry but scored an amazing piece of glass!!!
Jersey Girls LOVE sea glass!
Jersey Girls love State beaches.
Jersey Girls do not frequent tanning salons, they do use sunscreen and will dip into the self-tanner for some color when necessary.
Jersey Girls know (when they forget their sunscreen) a milk bath, 3 Motrin and clean white sheets cure a sunburn.
Jersey Girls love boardwalks. To run on, eat funnel cake on, play cheesy games on. Yes, we get the "kitsch" factor.
Jersey Girls do not love 3 inch acrylic nails. Nor do they get their "hair did".
Jersey Girls may not admit it but they do love the song "Jersey Girl".
Jersey Girls decorate with things they find on the beach...jars of seaglass, starfish, a little driftwood with candles...
Jersey Girls have gone swimming naked in the Atlantic Ocean at LEAST once in their lives.
Jersey Girls shop at Shutters in Fair Haven!!!
Jersey Girls may complain about "Bennies" (see MTV for examples) but have usually made out with one at some point.
Jersey Girls don't pack anything for the beach except: a towel, chair, book and umbrella. Oh, and a bottle of water.
Jersey Girls don't care if their butts look fat in a wet suit.
Jersey Girls stand up for environmental issues.
Jersey Girls like to sit and stare at the ocean. Even when it's empty of hot surfers.
Jersey girls wear flip flops until the temperature drops below 40.
And...last but not least, Jersey Girls don't date guys who go by "The Situation" or girls named "Snooki" but do have mad crushes on a guy known as "The Boss".

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littlebyrd said...

I have a crazy mad crush on the Boss!!!!!! Loved your list :)