July will find me in Copenhagen...

I am so looking forward to a trip we are planning in July...we'll be starting in Copenhagen, then off to Nykobing and Aalborg in Denmark. My grandmother, who passed away two years ago, was born in Nykobing so it will be amazing to see where I hail from.
We're also heading to Bruges, (did anyone see the film "In Bruges" with Colin Farrell? Give it a watch, if for nothing else to just admire the beauty of Bruges.
We'll be ending our trip in Amsterdam, where I've always wanted to visit. I am over the moon about this, my Aunt Maureen is taking me and my 15 year old daughter Casey (18 and 12 year old girls were not so keen on going, so they will be staying home with Dad) and it should really be a remarkable trip. My relatives had a hotel/restaurant called "Phoenix", and I am anxious to have a current day photo of the building. July seems a far way off!


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You are welcome to join us!!! xoxo