I FINALLY figured out how to get rid of the music on this blog!  It had been driving me mad...and annoying me to death (though I loved the songs on it, I'm completely over people having soundtracks for their blogs...I'm here to read, not listen.  Particularly when I run across a  virtual Celine thank you.  This incident DID, however, prove how dopey I can be with my computer skills.  It took far too much effort to figure out how to get rid of the Playlist, when all that needed to be done was a simple maneuver.  Funny how that happens, that we over complicate something merely because we think it should be more difficult than it is.

Have a wonderful day.  And don't overthink everything.  You'll just aggravate yourself. xoxo

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Carole said...

I am so sorry, Tara I accidentally removed your comment on the funny sign. m just learning how to use a brand new iPad and obviously aren't getting it right yet! Thanks for taking the time to comment