Reading, Cake and...that's it. Reading and Cake.

Just a little eye candy...LOVE the idea of putting important cities on a cake. Makes much more sense than sticking crappy sugar roses atop it. Personal touches not only have more impact but leave a lasting impression. Speaking of having a lasting impression, I finished "Stay Awake" by Dan Chaon. Dark, haunting short stories. Fantastic. Now reading "An Empty Room" by Mu Xin http://www.amazon.com/Empty-Room-Stories-Directions-Paperbook/dp/0811219224 . Each story is a jewel, I'm trying to pace myself and savor it as opposed to tearing through it. A friend of mine, Huiyi Lin, recommended him to me. She worked with him 26 years ago and he left an indelible mark on her heart. My next-up list is: Adrian McKinty's "Dead" trilogy (The Dead Yard, Dead I Well May Be and The Bloomsday Dead), some Sylvia Townsend Warner stories and "House of Prayer Number 2" by Mark Richard.

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