Snow White drifted...

Twisted as this picture is, I couldn't help but be amused by it.  Well, be amused by it and use it as a cautionary tale!!!   I put on a few (10!) pounds over the past 6 months or so and now have to work at getting rid of them.  The one thing which seems to always save me is that I like my wardrobe AND refuse to buy anything over a certain if things feel a little snug there's only one solution.  The clothes don't get any bigger, therefore the waist/butt/hips must be  reduced.
Took a look at the book "Are You Tired And Wired?" seems like a promising read in order to boost energy and maintain a healthy weight. I'm on a quest to improve my flagging energy so perhaps this will help.
In all honesty instead of chunky Snow White I almost put up the latest pics of Lady seems the Lady has gotten a little zaftig lately.  That didn't seem to be in the spirit of sisterhood, though.  Let's all stick together and fight the good fight against time and heft.  Here's to fighting the good fight...battling the bulge.

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