Gray Lady Down

One issue I am SOOOOO grateful I don't have to deal with is having my hair colored.  I decided, the year I turned 40, to stop dumping smelly, chemically laden lava on my head every three weeks in order to keep up with the auburn color I'd been using ever since I started greying, in my 20s.  The year it took to grow out was a long one.  And fears of looking like a crazed, Miss Havisham, scary-lady-in-the-neighborhood type played through my mind.  But I couldn't be happier with the results.  My hair receives at least one compliment per day on its color.  Though, a few weeks ago, a 92 year old man came into the library and was chatting us up at the circ desk.  After a whole lot of small talk, he offered to help me dye my hair - "you'll look twenny years younger as a blonde".  I politely declined. But I was more focused on declining because I like my hair than declining because I was creeped out. And, while I think  natural color is almost always more attractive on people, it's not the color as much as it is what is done with it...keep it healthy, don't style it severely (why do so many women get men's hairstyles at a certain age?  Is it REALLY that much easier?) and it will look beautiful and vibrant.  Just check out the grey ladies below:

OK, so Kate Winslet isn't actually grey...but this pic is too stunning to not include.

Daphne Guinness

Pia Gronning, Model #gray #grey #hair #aging #gracefully

Kristen McMenamy
...and me! Wearing the grey proudly!

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