Staying In the Happy

Love this pic of SJP.  It just radiates "Hopefulness".  Yes, I was a Sex and the City junkie for years...spent quite the hours getting lost in the "lives" of 4 pretty, incredibly dressed, witty First-World Problem sufferers.  It was the ultimate escapism show and a cheap way to visit Manhattan constantly.  Looking at that photo makes me want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge draped in tulle.  The Mister and I walked it a few months ago...strangely enough it was the first time for both of us.  It is impossible to describe the hugeness of it, how looking at every nut, bolt and wire gives a newfound respect for the hands that built it.  It is truly magnificent.  For a fantastic history of the Bridge and the players behind it (the Roeblings, Boss Tweed, etc.) pick up David McCullough's "The Great Bridge".  It's like discovering the politics behind a fairy tale or enchanted castle...

After a tumultuous, tough year in many ways, I've been feeling pretty good lately.  Things seem to be heading in a positive, healthy direction and I am very, very grateful.  The Mister and I have been working on some writing projects together and I'm excited about them. Need to up my "outdoor" time...haven't been hitting the boards nearly often enough or seaglass hunting lately, but one improvement I have made is to my diet.  Not solely for weight loss but to attempt to create more energy and more stable moods.  It hit me one day as I was at the store reaching for a frozen "diet" meal...here I am paying a premium for food which has been pre-cooked, de-flavored, added who knows what to and it was "Santa Fe Rice and Beans".  Ummm...I can make rice. And beans.  And make it healthier, cheaper and better.  That inspired me to put together a whole regimen of nutritionally dense, organic,  more healthful meals and snacks.  So I've been consistently eating the following foods: walnuts, Greek yogurt, black rice, quinoa, berries, squash, sweet potatoes, veggies, beans and tea.  There's been a slight uptick in energy...hoping it gives me even more as time goes on. Until then, I am trying to be mindful to "Stay in the Happy".  And wish you the same.

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