Hurricane Sandy, Sea Glass and Governor Blowhard

 It feels kind of like a quick 14 months since Irene threatened to blow us all away, but here we are again and this time it looks as if the threat is even greater.  Our home is almost one mile from the beach, so we're too close for comfort yet at least not right on the front line.  We're planning to stay through the storm, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  Cross your fingers for everyone on the coast! It's an absolutely enormous storm, even if it's milder than predicted it will still affect so many people.
Our gentlemanly, eloquent Governor has been saying helpful things to us NJ residents such as, "don't be stupid".  Last time 'round it was "get the hell off the beaches".  Me thinks the Blowhard (Christie, not the hurricane) has been watching too much Jersey Shore.  We prefer to speak to each other in more refined ways here.  He turns my stomach.
In any case,  I'll be down on the beach as soon as it's safe-sea glass hunting away.  The one thing I look forward to with these storms is they churn up so many sea treasures.  Should be sea glass bonanza later this week!  Be safe!!!


Carole said...

Best of luck with the hurricane. We are watching and worrying for everyone here on the other side of the world.

Tara Sullivan said...

Thank you so much, Carole!! It's just starting to really whip up here...we're a block from the mandatory evacuation zone here in Long Branch, so here's hoping for the best!!