Hurricane Sandy, Sea Glass and Governor Blowhard

 It feels kind of like a quick 14 months since Irene threatened to blow us all away, but here we are again and this time it looks as if the threat is even greater.  Our home is almost one mile from the beach, so we're too close for comfort yet at least not right on the front line.  We're planning to stay through the storm, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  Cross your fingers for everyone on the coast! It's an absolutely enormous storm, even if it's milder than predicted it will still affect so many people.
Our gentlemanly, eloquent Governor has been saying helpful things to us NJ residents such as, "don't be stupid".  Last time 'round it was "get the hell off the beaches".  Me thinks the Blowhard (Christie, not the hurricane) has been watching too much Jersey Shore.  We prefer to speak to each other in more refined ways here.  He turns my stomach.
In any case,  I'll be down on the beach as soon as it's safe-sea glass hunting away.  The one thing I look forward to with these storms is they churn up so many sea treasures.  Should be sea glass bonanza later this week!  Be safe!!!


Library Card Magic...


Isn't this great? And so true!  I've just begun "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green, based upon my 15 year old daughter's urging and rave review.  She said it's an emotional read, which she always loves...if a book doesn't have her emotionally drained by the ending, I swear she winds up disappointed.  What are you reading this week???


Staying In the Happy

Love this pic of SJP.  It just radiates "Hopefulness".  Yes, I was a Sex and the City junkie for years...spent quite the hours getting lost in the "lives" of 4 pretty, incredibly dressed, witty First-World Problem sufferers.  It was the ultimate escapism show and a cheap way to visit Manhattan constantly.  Looking at that photo makes me want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge draped in tulle.  The Mister and I walked it a few months ago...strangely enough it was the first time for both of us.  It is impossible to describe the hugeness of it, how looking at every nut, bolt and wire gives a newfound respect for the hands that built it.  It is truly magnificent.  For a fantastic history of the Bridge and the players behind it (the Roeblings, Boss Tweed, etc.) pick up David McCullough's "The Great Bridge".  It's like discovering the politics behind a fairy tale or enchanted castle...

After a tumultuous, tough year in many ways, I've been feeling pretty good lately.  Things seem to be heading in a positive, healthy direction and I am very, very grateful.  The Mister and I have been working on some writing projects together and I'm excited about them. Need to up my "outdoor" time...haven't been hitting the boards nearly often enough or seaglass hunting lately, but one improvement I have made is to my diet.  Not solely for weight loss but to attempt to create more energy and more stable moods.  It hit me one day as I was at the store reaching for a frozen "diet" I am paying a premium for food which has been pre-cooked, de-flavored, added who knows what to and it was "Santa Fe Rice and Beans".  Ummm...I can make rice. And beans.  And make it healthier, cheaper and better.  That inspired me to put together a whole regimen of nutritionally dense, organic,  more healthful meals and snacks.  So I've been consistently eating the following foods: walnuts, Greek yogurt, black rice, quinoa, berries, squash, sweet potatoes, veggies, beans and tea.  There's been a slight uptick in energy...hoping it gives me even more as time goes on. Until then, I am trying to be mindful to "Stay in the Happy".  And wish you the same.


Halloween Postcards and Printables

I love Halloween...such an escapist "holiday".  Here are some postcards, prints and even a last-minute Owl and Pussycat costume for your Halloween pleasure. 
Vintage Halloween Postcards, via Flickr.
Vintage Halloween Postcards, via Flickr.Vintage Halloween Postcards by Suzee Que, via FlickrIt's not hard to see why Halloween postcards are so popular with collectors. This one is sort of ominous! It's at Postcard Ranch.
Never too early to start shopping for vintage Halloween postcards like this one in our Delcampe store!




Free Halloween Printable

Halloween Printable Labels

Last minute "couple" costume...the Owl and the Pussycat-
 Printable Owl Mask to color (other halloween animals available here, too)


October Happiness...

Copenhagen's Tivoli in October...must be so much fun.
Dressy Casual
Snuggly shawl...cozy yet polished.
A near-perfect fall uniform.
Love this color combo. And the lines.
"Moon Cakes"...for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.  I love the way they look, and who wouldn't love the name?  It has so many good connotations..."love you to the moon and back", "I'm over the moon"...and the simple, beautiful, classic "Good Night, Moon".  May your Autumn be filled with the comfort and warmth of a million moon cakes.

Now on to something lighter: shopping.
Women's Merona® Kamischel Suede Lug Boot - Grey Jimmy Choo Suede Biker Style BootsVince "Jocelyn Purple" Grey Suede Pull-On Boot

I realize how quickly the phrase becomes annoyingly overused, but damn I love fall!!! The change in temp feels  so good...humidity goes back to the depths of hell, the foliage is spectacular, the crowds here at the Shore disappear.  What's NOT to love??? To kick things off properly, I used a gift card from my parents (thank you!) and treated myself to two new pairs of boots.  I'm a pretty good (cheapskate) shopper, if I say so myself.  How good?  The lug sole boots are from Target. $44. While the double buckle pair are Jimmy Choos...$900. (!!!!!)  and the others are Vince which can be yours for a mere $398.  I ordered the Target pair during their BOGO event, which as of today is still going on.  Free shipping too. They're cute, comfortable and sturdy  ( I mean, I work in a library after all,  not as a sherpa guide)...and I wear them with everything...leggings, dresses, skirts...

Women's Merona® Magaska Riding Boot - Brown Rupert Sanderson Flat Riding Boots TORY BURCH Riding boot

 Brown riding style boots... Target-$39.99.  upert Sanderson $1,155. Tory Burch $640. Can you figure which are which?


Library Lady Tara's Funniest Books List...

Humor is, of course, completely subjective.  But the following books caused me to laugh aloud and/or spew a beverage while reading. They're not all new, but they are all available on Amazon. 

In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot"In Me Own Words-The Autobiography of Bigfoot" Words and Pictures by Graham Roumieu.  We may not be able to be friends if you don't find this one funny.  Seriously. No, I mean it.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir)This one made me laugh a lot and cry a little.  Went a little loooong on the "growing up with kooky parents" thing, but more than made up for it.  Someone will have to explain what kind of saint her husband is...

 Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy GriffinThis one won't be for everyone, but I laughed so much while reading the first few chapters that I had to leave the room, as I was reading in the living room and the Mister was reading in the living room and I got scared that if I didn't take my cackling elsewhere he would get annoyed enough to maybe by mistake put a pillow on my face while I slept that night and kneel on it till the kickin' stopped. p.s. my mother bought this for me so if she tells you "she doesn't read smut", she's lying.  She thought it was as funny as I did, Andy Dick fake rape schtick and all.

Nakedcoverc11418.jpg Most anything Mr. Sedaris writes is funny...but when he turns the tables on you and gets down and dirty and emotionally deep, watch out.  If you ever have the chance to see him live, jump on it.  He's beyond delightful.  Also, if you write to him, you will most likely receive a beautiful handwritten response.  Crazy bastard doesn't have a computer.

No. 1 is "Coffee".  "Architecture", "Public Radio", "Knowing What's Best For Poor People", "Sarah Silverman" and "Natural Childbirth" are some of the other nuggets in this awesomely uncomfortable read. Try not to laugh.  I dare you.  Bring it to church if you think that would help.  It won't.  Especially if you're Presbyterian.

Speaking of the lovely Miss Silverman,
 The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee
 Here she is.  Her book is everything you thought it would be.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Yes, it's a children's book.  I worked in the Children's Department at the library for more than five years.  I read a LOT of children's books.  Every 9 year old boy I know thinks it's funny too, so that's gotta count for something.

50ShadesofGreyCoverArt.jpg Hilarious.  That's the only reason I can think of as to why it's sold so well.  It not only didn't turn me on, I think it caused temporary frigidity.  It's a complete piece of shit, but if you can get your co-workers to read aloud from it, TOTALLY FUNNY!!! Bonus points if you can get someone in upper management to read the line, "He’s my very own Christian Grey flavor Popsicle."  Excuse me while I retch into my very own Christian Grey barf bag.