Hurricane Sandy at the Jersey Shore

Hi BlogLand... We made it through the Superstorm with minimal property damage but have been a week withiut power. Trust me I am NOT complaining...our neighboring towns on the shore have been decimated and it's truly heartbreaking to see. Such a lesson in perspective...we are so tiny, so helpless against such a raging force. Hard to believe humans have wrought so much damage on earth when we are so easily reduced to helpless babes by her latest whim! I wish you all good things, kindly send a positive thought out to the people who Have lost so much in this massive storm.xoxo Please forgive awkward phone is a bit difficult to type on!


Carole said...

Nice post. Glad you are ok. What a pain to be without power for so long. Hope this coming week is much better for you.

Tara Sullivan said...

Thanks, Carole! Power is back up, we are very friend who is just two towns over is still without, but at least it's expected to be in the (extremely unseasonable) 60s this weekend.