October Happiness...

Copenhagen's Tivoli in October...must be so much fun.
Dressy Casual
Snuggly shawl...cozy yet polished.
A near-perfect fall uniform.
Love this color combo. And the lines.
"Moon Cakes"...for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.  I love the way they look, and who wouldn't love the name?  It has so many good connotations..."love you to the moon and back", "I'm over the moon"...and the simple, beautiful, classic "Good Night, Moon".  May your Autumn be filled with the comfort and warmth of a million moon cakes.

Now on to something lighter: shopping.
Women's Merona® Kamischel Suede Lug Boot - Grey Jimmy Choo Suede Biker Style BootsVince "Jocelyn Purple" Grey Suede Pull-On Boot

I realize how quickly the phrase becomes annoyingly overused, but damn I love fall!!! The change in temp feels  so good...humidity goes back to the depths of hell, the foliage is spectacular, the crowds here at the Shore disappear.  What's NOT to love??? To kick things off properly, I used a gift card from my parents (thank you!) and treated myself to two new pairs of boots.  I'm a pretty good (cheapskate) shopper, if I say so myself.  How good?  The lug sole boots are from Target. $44. While the double buckle pair are Jimmy Choos...$900. (!!!!!)  and the others are Vince which can be yours for a mere $398.  I ordered the Target pair during their BOGO event, which as of today is still going on.  Free shipping too. They're cute, comfortable and sturdy  ( I mean, I work in a library after all,  not as a sherpa guide)...and I wear them with everything...leggings, dresses, skirts...

Women's Merona® Magaska Riding Boot - Brown Rupert Sanderson Flat Riding Boots TORY BURCH Riding boot

 Brown riding style boots... Target-$39.99.  upert Sanderson $1,155. Tory Burch $640. Can you figure which are which?


ted said...

Ahhh, that first photo at the top is chock full of reasons why I miss autumn in the States...

The moon is an important symbol of autumn in Asia, as the fall moon is considered the most beautiful. Every September, on the night of the full moon, a group of us would climb to the top of the castle ruins to play music, read poetry, and try to catch the reflection of the moon in a cup of sake, before sipping her down...

Tara Sullivan said...

We definitely appreciate the clear crispness of autumn. "Sipping down the moon"...what a gorgeous phrase.