Dog Days

Good thing she's pretty...
OK, I have a problem...and her name is Maisy. When I was going through a rough time, a bit over a year and a half ago, I got the brilliant idea to get a dog. to the SPCA we went and came home with...Maisy. 8 weeks old, utterly adorable, a rescue from Puerto Rico. She was high energy right from the get go. And that has only increased exponentially with her age and growth. Problem: She's an escape artist. Not often, but when she does, it causes HAVOC. We live on a street in a fairly rough part of town. The speed limit is 25 but most cars zoom past at 40 and above. My kids could never ride their bikes around or even walk around the block...when we moved in, the house two down from us was, um, a very entrepreneurial independent pharmacy. AKA Crackhouse. They were great neighbors, very friendly, prone to barbecuing on their front yard and were they ever popular. Day and night there would be a steady stream of customers. They've since moved out but the neighborhood in general is still a bit rough. So when Maisy goes on a crime spree and runs around like a maniac, it's only a matter of time before she gets creamed by a car. She responds to NOTHING when she gets treat, cajole, sweet voiced calling, nothing can get her to come to me except other dogs. Today it was a really nice guy and his son who actually brought their dog out to lure her into captivity. But there isn't always a bait dog to be had. question is: WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!!!??? I seriously could have killed her today, out of frustration and rage. To cap off this charming behavior, she also refuses to walk home from wherever we capture her, so picture this: Me, stooped over grabbing her collar with one hand and her scruff with the other, force march/dragging her through the neighborhood back to the home she finds so confining. Oh, also, during this perp walk, I am muttering, cursing and threatening like a MAD WOMAN. How no one has called the police on me yet is a miracle. They'd surely come with two for Maisy and one for me. Is there hope for us? I am ready to put out the word that we need to find her a home where she doesn't think escaping and playing chicken with produce trucks is just so damn fun. I just don't know what to do. Since getting her was my idea I am the one who will decide her fate...and after today, I'm thinking she should go live with a family who a. has high energy kids b. doesn't live on a busy street c. has a more secure fence than we do. She's very sweet, loves people and does well with other dogs. But maybe we're just not the people for her. She gets a LOT of outdoor time, so it's not like she's cooped up in the house all day. I am just at the end of my...leash.

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