Sea Glass, Sand Dollars and Scaling SeaWalls

Getting down to the beach (no small feat in itself) this morning was a great way to start off a Monday. We parked, then had to climb down an embankment to a sea wall which is where the boardwalk USED to be. From there, it's about 20 feet to the sand, and in order to get there one must maneuver/descend/butt-crawl down the boulders which function as a barrier to keep the sand on the beach. We made it to the seawall then saw a police car coming toward us. Fully expecting to be reprimanded (yet again)we felt defeated before we even hit the beach. Cop must have been busy because he went right on by (though, with a 10 foot drop from the roadway to the seawall he may not have even seen us). "That's right, Copper, you'll never take us alive...we got a haul of seaglass to pick up and no uniform's gonna stand in our way...see..." It's so amazing to me how, even with the crazy churning violent sea so many little jewels wash up perfectlly intact. Sand dollars, for instance. It's such a marvel that they can be tossed about, battered and smashed in the surf yet make it to the shoreline whole. That Sandy was a flat out bitch, but she did leave a bounty of beauty in her wake...
Beauty after the's a small comfort, but I'll take it.

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Beautiful!!! Tara girl it's been a long while. How have you been. I love this sea glass. Sad how sandy took the beach away from us, but we will have the wonderful and beautiful memories and hopefully we can rebuild and make it better. Hope that you have been good and living your best life. All is well here. Sending you many good season greetings and much love to my Jersey Girl.